2015 Death Waltz Recording Company - sealed. Gatefold sleeve. Vinyl, LP, Pink With Red And White Splatter. Includes OBI-like strip folded over spine with a 4-page printed insert. Little damage on the botton of the OBI.
Das letzte Exemplar, wir liefern solange Vorrat! The last copie!

Titel: Big Bad Wolves
Stil: Soundtracks
Best-Nr.: DW034
Typ: LP
Preis: 19.- CHF

FRANK ILFMAN - Big Bad Wolves


A1 Big Bad Wolves: Main Theme 4:15
A2 Hide And Seek: Opening Titles 4:10
A3 The March 2:00
A4 Scream For Me 3:16
A5 The Chair Of Horror 2:41
A6 The Phone Call 1:46
A7 The Chase 3:15
A8 Help Me 2:38
A9 Saved By The Bell 2:45
B10 A Story About A Little Girl 4:16
B11 Hammer And Bones 1:55
B12 Man Rides A Horse 1:35
B13 The Truth Will Set You Free 2:42
B14 The Green House 3:53
B15 Now Talk 2:00
B16 Bike Vs Car 2:37
B17 The Last Breath 3:48
B18 The Missing Girl And Epilogue 4:48

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