Cosmotropics is a previously unreleased album from the german group Supersempfft. The concept was producing an animation movie and an album back in 1982. The movie was not completed at the time, and the music remained unreleased until now. After a succesful crowfunding campaign at Kickstarter, Franz Aumüller & Private Records release the original soundtrack transfered from the original tapes. Probably it's the best album produced by the band, a fabulous journey in a fantastic world, full of melodies, pads, breaks, rhythms & dreamy synths.
This limited YELLOW/GREEN-MARBEL-CLEAR vinyl pressing sounds prefect, with no flaws, pop or clicks. These copies including a large foldout poster and download code.
Includes The digital album version (obtained with a download code ) includes a bonus track of cosmotropics, not pressed in the vinyl.

Titel: Cosmotropics (Soundtrack)
Label: Private Records
Stil: Soundtracks
Best-Nr.: 369.062-Y
Typ: LP
Preis: 44.- CHF

SUPERSEMPFFT - Cosmotropics (Soundtrack)


Cosmotropic Intro 1:06
Cosmotropics 6:02
Beach Sit-In 8:17
Tropical Trip 6:21
Intro 00:54
Cosmotropic Trip 22:02
Outro 01:04

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