WRWTFWW Records is giggling with pleasure as it announces the official reissue of Richard Band's director's cut soundtrack for sci-fi horror comedy classic TerrorVision (1986). The limited edition blue-colored 180g vinyl LP is housed in a heavy gatefold sleeve with full movie gallery, obi strip, and video store stickers (partly seen on the image). It includes liner notes by the Richard Band himself.

People of Earth Your planet is about to be destroyed... We're terribly sorry for the inconvenience!
Conceived as a late 1960s Lost in Space type score with a 80s electronic twist, TerrorVision is one of the most unique soundtracks in Richard Band's discography. Released November 6, 2020.
Duration Times taken from the Digital Release.
There is a hidden track at the end of side B (Terror Vision trailer). Stylus has to be positioned manually to get there.

Titel: TerrorVision
Stil: Soundtracks
Typ: LP
Preis: 35.- CHF

Richard Band, Fibonaccis - TerrorVision


A1 Richard Band - Prelude 1:21
A2 Richard Band - Satellite To Medusa 1:27
A3 Richard Band - God Dang Burglar 4:44
A4 Richard Band - Bye Gramps & TV 2:24
A5 Richard Band - Locked In To Medusa 2:33
A6 Richard Band - Medusa & Bye Bye Spiro 3:55
A7 Richard Band - Gramps in Bed & OD Chased 3:24
A8 Richard Band - Sherman Fights Back 5:16
B1 Richard Band - Pluthar Arrives 1:50
B2 Richard Band - Pluthar Dies &...Good Morning 3:05
B3 The Fibonaccis - Terror Vision 3:41
B4 The Fibonaccis - The Friends Of Crime 2:45
B5 The Fibonaccis - Sack Of Suet Suite 3:00
B6 The Fibonaccis - Advice To A Mutant 2:47
B7 The Fibonaccis - He Can't Stop Laughing 2:45

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