All music composed and played by Brian Jones on the following instruments: sitar, organ, guitar, recorder, bass, banjo, dulcimer, harmonica. Also featuring Jimmy Page: guitars; Nicky Hopkins: piano; Kenney Jones: drums; Peter Gosling: keyboards, Mellotron, vocals; Mike Leander: orchestra; Glyn Johns: engineering. Recorded January-February 1967 @ IBC and Olympic Studios, London. Broadcast on ZDF TV 1969. In early 1967 Brian Jones found time in between Stones tours to record the soundtrack to the film 'Mord Und Totschlag,' starring his then-partner Anita Pallenberg as Marie. In the film Marie shoots her ex-boyfriend with his own gun after he attempts to beat her up. Instead of reporting this to the police she hires two men to help her dump the body in a construction site near an autobahn. Although the film was entered into the 1967 Cannes Film Festival it is known today chiefly for its soundtrack. The tracks on this EP provide you with the musical highlights from the soundtrack, which has never officially been released. Talking to Rolling Stone in 2012 collaborator Jimmy Page said "Brian knew what he was doing. It was quite beautiful. Some of it was made up at the time; some of it was stuff I was augmenting with him. I was definitely playing with the violin bow. Brian had this guitar that had a volume pedal - he could get gunshots with it. There was a Mellotron there. He was moving forward with ideas." In the film's official press release, director Volker Schlöndorff was delighted with the results. "Brian's music has worked so marvellously. His special music fits the film wonderfully - and I do not think anyone but he could have done it." ~William Perks.

Titel: Selected Extracts From A Degree Of Murder
Stil: Soundtracks
Best-Nr.: REP045
Typ: 7 inch (Single)
Preis: 26.- CHF

BRIAN JONES featuring JIMMY PAGE - Selected Extracts From A Degree Of Murder


Selected Extracts From The Original Soundtrack Of A Degree Of Murder (9:16)

Selected Extracts From The Original Soundtrack Of A Degree Of Murder (8:32)

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