2021 Italy AMS Records pressing.
Crystal clear vinyl!

Titel: La Via Della Droga
Stil: Soundtracks
Best-Nr.: AMS-LP103C
Typ: LP
Preis: 32.- CHF

GOBLIN - La Via Della Droga

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A1 La Via Della Droga, M1, M4 End titles (Full Version) 2:07
A2 Hong Kong (Main Titles), M2 2:00
A3 Cartagena, M3 1:23
A4 The Couriers' Arrival, M5 1:01
A5 The Stakeout, M6 2:05
A6 Blitz At The Hotel, M7 1:08
A7 Drug Coat, M8 0:36
A8 Beating, M9 1:02
A9 Withdrawal Symptoms, M10 0:59
A10 Heroin, M11 2:04
A11 Heroin, M11 (Unused Version) 1:08
A12 Abjection / Jailbreak M12+M13 2:01
A13 Mike And Fabio, M14 1:02
A14 Psychedelic Lesbo, M15 1:00
A15 Psychedelic Lesbo, M15 (Unused Version) 1:08
A16 Manhunt, M16 0:25
A17 Assignment In Genoa, M17 1:42
A18 Jewelry Store Robbery, M18 0:32
B1 The End Of Gillo And Vera. M19 0:34
B2 The End Of Gillo And Vera, M19 (Unused Version) 0:44
B3 The Bait, M20 0:49
B4 Courthouse, M21 1:25
B5 Shooting At The Courthouse, M22 0:27
B6 Motorbike Escape, M23 0:23
B7 Tailing 1, M24 1:27
B8 Tailing 2, M25 1:23
B9 Raid At The Chemical, M26 I/II 1:53
B10 Breathless Run, M27 1:49
B11 In The Construction Site, M28 0:45
B12 Chased, M29 1:29
B13 In The Tunnel, M30 0:49
B14 Motocross At Caracalla, M31 (Unused) 4:26
B15 Air Duel, M32 (Unused) 0:47
B16 Bonus Track: Amsterdam - Hong Kong - Cartagena - Roma - New York, M1 - M4 (Film Version) 5:41

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Weitere Platten von GOBLIN
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