Sammy Burdson was one of the many, many aliases of the mighty Austrian composer, arranger and conductor, Gerhard Narholz. Founder of adored library label Sonoton in 1965, and a classically trained composer, his work runs from easy listening through pop, jazz and electronic, to avant-garde. Originally released in 1975.
Brandnew 2022 reissue!

Background Action's first side is all Blaxploitation wah-wah, funky clav and heavy, heavy drums. It's top-quality takes on the sort of hard-knocking psychedelic sleuth-funk that the library labels gave us in spades. However, we think the real killers are over on side B. Styles upon styles upon styles is what we have. The trio of swish Water Pollution variations are pure gold. The two-part mid-tempo b-boy drumathon News Background is nothing short of epic whilst the sensational Kabul Trip A and Kabul Trip B are two different takes on some tough funk, street jazz style with some dope organ, bass and drum sounds. In short, this is a must for both DJs and producers.

Titel: Background Action
Stil: Soundtracks
Best-Nr.: BEWITH111LP
Typ: LP
Preis: 28.- CHF

S.BURDSON - Background Action


A1 Speed Unlimited (a) 2:00
A2 Speed Unlimited (b) 0:45
A3 Speed Unlimited (c) 0:41
A4 Hurricane Wheels (a) 2:15
A5 Hurricane Wheels (b) 0:51
A6 Hurricane Wheels (c) 1:43
A7 Hurricane Wheels (d) 0:45
A8 Hurricane Wheels (e) 1:42
A9 Hurricane Wheels (f) 0:45
A10 Hurricane Wheels (g) 1:42
A11 Route Africaine (a) 1:14
A12 Route Africaine (b) 1:14
A13 Route Africaine (c) 1:14
B1 Kabul Trip (a) 1:58
B2 Kabul Trip (b) 1:58
B3 Kabul Trip (c) 0:47
B4 Kabul Trip (d) 1:16
B5 Water Pollution (a) 1:47
B6 Water Pollution (b) 1:02
B7 Water Pollution (c) 0:29
B8 Centurian (a) 1:47
B9 Centurian (b) 1:33
B10 Centurian (c) 1:09
B11 Gladiators 1:54
B12 News Background (a) 2:31
B13 News Background (b) 1:39

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